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I loved my undergraduate days, camping out in computer labs surrounded by friends coding together with no responsibilities!


Claire Maternaghan always loved programming. Now, after graduating as top of the year in Software engineering, and a PhD on the subject of Home Automation, she works as a software engineer at Google! We had the honour to get an interview with Claire, where you can read more about the life at Google and why she chose to be an engineer!

Claire Maternaghan har alltid älskat att programmera. Nu, efter att ha gått ut som top of the year, och dokorerat inom automation för hemmet, jobbar hon som Software engineer på Google! Vi har fått en intervju med Claire, där hon berättar mer om livet på Google och varför hon valde att bli ingenjör!

A Week in the Life of a PhD Student from Claire Maternaghan on Vimeo.


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