Hi Suet-Li, why did you become an engineer?
I have always like to understand how stuff or how mechanism works, so I thought it would be good to study a profession which will coincide with my interest and I found out that engineering fits the pieces perfectly, and honestly it is the best decision I made.

You are from Malaysia. Are there many female engineers in Asia?
I would say not many, perhaps about 10% of us doing Mechanical Engineering, there were more female pursuing in Chemical and Civil Engineering somehow. It is still a male dominant field for engineering. However, this doesn’t mean females shouldn’t be taking up engineering as I believe there shouldn’t be any gender restriction in whatever you want to do, especially nowadays gender segregation is not even in the question in most countries.

You work in your family company, Fire Fighter. Tell us about a normal day at work?
Meetings, technical presentation to clients, design and hydraulic calculations for piping system (we are in a Fire Fighting Industry) and, occasionally assisting our project team in project installation.

Why did you decide to study in Australia and not Malaysia?
For the exposure to a new culture and environment, and also to learn to be independent.

What would you have become, if not engineer?
I would have probably taken arts as that is my other interest. I love paintings, and sculptors that have hidden meanings in them.

What would your advice be to young girls that doesn’t dare to study engineering?
I would advice them to put their fear aside and go for it! But please take this into consideration: Make sure this is your passion and if you love challenges and always hunger for answers – there is no stopping you from studying engineering!

And finally, what makes your really angry – and what makes you smile?
Dishonest people makes me really angry – and having my favorite cocktail on a Friday night makes me smile.

And this YouTube video makes me even happier!

Thank you!

[The interview was made on the 7th May 2013]

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