Váry Boglárka

Váry Boglárka is the UX designer that always loved art and design but also wanted to help people – so that’s what she intends to do, every day! I (Amanda) call Váry on Zoom on a Friday afternoon. She seems thrilled to talk to me, which I soon discover is not only because the weekend is coming up, but because she enjoys talking about, and doing, what she does.

Amanda Bertilsson

Utmaningar blandat med kreativitet och teknik är en perfekt motivation i det dagliga arbetet enligt Amanda. Hennes öga för detaljer och ett holistiskt synsätt är dessutom av stor nytta. Sedan uppväxten på landet utanför Varberg har det varit klart att bild och form i kombination med matematik var det som fångade hennes intresse.

Xiping Huang

Xiping Huang was born in China in 1988 when the country was still in its planned economic era. Even though both her parents were medical doctors, the living standard for Xiping and her family was low. Her father was one of the first batches of university students after the cultural revolution and her mother was in the second. They both shared an ambition to give their daughter a higher education of some sort. However, that it would be within engineering took many years to figure out.