Exactly like Tove, I feel a bit bad about not having written lately. But just like her, a lot of things have happened. The first thing, which is a BIG relief, is that I got passing grades on my final exam. This means that all my courses are done, and I can put all of my focus on the other big thing – my master thesis.


“The place were I wrote my last exam ever”

I’ve been working at Spotify for the last three weeks, and even though my objective is pretty clear, it has been kind of hard to understand what’s expected of you (from the school’s perspective). My guess is that a lot of students feel the same way. We are used to work in pairs or groups, with clear instructions. Now we have to come up with a plan on our own that will last for a little more than 20 weeks, and it is a big undertaking. Despite from the elements of uncertainty, I feel like I couldn’t have gotten a better thesis to work on. The task is fun and interesting, the workplace is awesome and I like the people that I work with (okay, we work on different things, but I still feel like one in the team which is nice).

It’s still distant to see myself finishing up my studies but I think I’ll just have to let the pieces fall in place. I can’t deny that I feel some pressure about doing a good job, but again, it will probably sort itself out just fine.

For now I hope to get back to routines, and just indulge in what I’m doing.



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