It’s only one and a half week until I return to Stockholm and my last year at KTH. Looking back at my first year I identify with Emelie in full. I did not enjoy the first days at all with the silly songs and assignments. It seemed like no one in my “nollegrupp” did either. The result? Most of the people in my group dropped out of the programme before even starting. Since we didn’t engage in the activities, we had basically zero interaction with the other students. Even if there were some events I wanted to attend, it became kind of hard since I didn’t have anyone to go with. By chance I ended up sitting next to other people during lectures who would invite me to go with their group instead. Things got more fun instantly.

I’ve never been the person with the highest student spirit, but the first couple of weeks really are what you make them to be. Just like Emelie, I would like to encourage you to participate in as much as possible, meeting the other students in your programme. University is an awesome place and it’s awful if someone drops out just because of a rocky beginning. I’ve made a bunch of new friends, learned a lot new things and generally evolved as person.

So, once again, embrace the mottaging and if you happen to have enrolled in the CS programme at KTH I’ll see you at the n0llegasque!


“I love looking up at this on my way to a lecture”




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