Pneumonia. Can you believe that after everything, I get pneumonia

Amazingly something pretty good came out of this. After week 2 of shivers and pangs of pain my bearded man came home and exclaimed “I can’t do this anymore”. I immediately knew – neither can I.

India, Korea, EIT, fighting with KTH for over 7 months, not getting CSN (due to fighting with KTH) – it all took it’s toll and enough is enough; we’re taking time. Time to actually see a friend every once in a while, time to focus on what we actually love in our education, to do our research and to have lazy evenings in the sofa.

Specifically we’re dropping two courses, which we haven’t quite pinpointed the consequences of yet. But it’s happening, we’re aware that the worst case scenario is a prolonged education, and that the best case scenario is that we pick it up a little at a later date.

Honestly, there was no chance that we were going to make it this semester after what happened with dad and then this pneumonia. We interviewed an entrepreneur Monday gone, he talked about knowing when to stop. I retorted that I can just see myself continuing to dig my hole and not realising when to stop until the foundation collapsed. Well thanks to the bearded man I needn’t have gotten that far, he came home and calmly told me that he’d calculated the hours we’d have to put in and it was obvious that it wasn’t going to happen. At the time I was still a shivering coughing mess in bed.

We hugged it out and then it hit me – we had free time. Time to yoga, give our dog more time, actually see mum! And even spend time with dad without staring at my laptop or phone simultaneously.

I’ve been terrified of dropping classes, but wow… it was the best decision we could have made.

So thank you pneumonia. You may have rendered me bed ridden for pretty much 3 weeks, but you made us take action and so we did.

Also, I said I would tell you about the job interviews – I will, when I’m fully recovered. I’m already dizzy from sitting up at the computer this long…!




Greta · November 24, 2015 at 8:50 am

Jag känner igen det där alltför väl. Man kämpar på i en tunnel och försöker hitta vägen ut. Enda gången man hittar vägen ut är när man inser att man måste sluta försöka kämpa så mycket och bara låta allt vara som det är. Jag gillar inte heller att saker inte blir som jag planerat. Jag tappar kontrollen. Vad skönt att du skriver om det här. Det får andra att inse att det finns alternativ och man måste komma ihåg att leva också :) Krya på dig! Kram!

Sandra · November 24, 2015 at 3:24 pm

Last year I dropped three classes. Two during the fall so that I could work part-time with a startup (which was a great, irreplaceable experience) and one during the spring while doing exchange studies in Singapore, to be able to have time to see other things than only the inside of the university building during my time there. Now, during this year, when I have to take up these classes again, of course it is not as enjoyable. I am studying more than 100% to catch up and will perhaps, nevertheless, not be able to finish on time – but I still feel, without a doubt, that it was worth it!

Tina Britton Stenqvist · November 25, 2015 at 7:19 am

Best thing i have heard this year. Well done both for making great decision. Cannot wait to see you and it’s not long now! Hugs from mother xx

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