What a day!

I feel like I’m imploding under all the work that we have, and I know the other bloggers are in that exam-week hole of darkness too.

I studied at IITD, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, last semester and all the courses I was supposed to attend got dropped. And then the ones I could attend that were obligatory for my bachelor were absolutely impossible! You can’t even imagine how far ahead these kids were. So what happens then? Well if you don’t want to prolong your studies you bump it up a notch and schedule those courses for the last semester. So here I am, in Daejeon Korea, with 6 courses on my plate. When I tell people I’m taking 6 courses they gently pat my shoulder, sometimes they just have that look of compassion and sometimes they say “I’m sorry for you”. Well, what to do.

And so me and my team mate, my bearded man, we have to keep high morale. Apparently high morale means a lesser chance of a team giving up. We stand at the edge, glancing over, of that big black hole of endless things to do, mental homework and deadlines everyday, take each others hand and jump belly down free falling through it all. And to take that leap of faith means having to stay positive. My solution to it all is the cat café. Furry fix means endorphin release. Don’t believe me? Go google it. That’s why dogs and cats are taken into hospitals and old peoples homes, to smother peeps with their love and make em release endorphins. Instant happiness. Unless your allergic, then take a pill, then instant happiness.

Anyway here’s a pic of me and a not so furry kitty.
2015-03-11 20.51.22

So the morale of the story is; motivation. Stay motivated and you’ll stay high. I know all us bloggers here at Womengineer keep catapulting that in your faces all the time, but it really is the key to success (or at least the key to getting out of bed). I motivated myself by trying to do my Discrete Mathematics studies at the cat café (ended up having a korean lesson regarding cats) and you might stay motivated by allowing yourself to study in a new environment too.

Mix it up a little, live a little, become an achiever and then an engineer! OK, so you don’t have to be an engineer, but keep it in mind and let us coax you to think about it!

I know that an important time is coming up for our Swedish upper secondary schoolers, you’ll be applying to university (omg), so my next post will be about Why you should take the step in the engineering direction.

That’s it for now!



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