cropped-take-the-bull-by-the-hornsSometimes while life is as chaotic as it can possibly seem, say amidst six courses and eternal sleepless nights, it reminds you it can get a whole lot worse. A completely external factor just decides to spice up the chaos. Like running a marathon and then having someone shoot an arrow through your thigh – stopping means losing the race, but keeping on going seems hopeless.

So there you are with a bunch of lemons wondering how to make lemonade.
I’ve never been good with dealing with these external factors. I attempt to put my psyche in a straightjacket and keep on running but we keep on toppling over haphazardly, running in zig-zag instead of straight forward.

We can’t foresee everything and I seem to miss all the signs before something tries to press me under the surface. For the past few years I’ve tried to specify a plan of action for these scenarios, but it never really seem adequate.

Nonetheless, my plan of action consists of three stages

1. Tell someone that’s willing to take action.

Sometimes telling someone for the sake of compassion is the most tempting, but I tend to go for telling someone that can stand in my corner and join the fight. Our loved ones are often at their most gruesome when something happens to us, they’ll grit their teeth, roll up their sleeves and man the trenches.
Obviously we must always be ready to do the same for them.

2. Take the bull by the horns.

So this time me taking the bull by the horns meant diverting all communication to my men in the trenches, it’s still taking action, just not as confrontational at it could have been. Doing something immediately is what you should always attempt to do; as soon as you have taken a step in the right direction it will seem more bearable.

3. Control the mind.

You’re enemies, you don’t want any part in it’s threshing and make sure it knows it. If you’ve ever practiced a form of mind control, get down and breathe those thoughts in control. If you haven’t I’d say the best bet is to occupy yourself. I’m too worked up to breathe myself sane, but what I can do is full homework immersion. Try and pick something that you’re fond of and that requires your full attention, preferably with someone that will coldheartedly make you preform.

And lastly, give yourself a break. Shit happens as they say.

If you have a plan of action of your own please share.



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