Where do I begin,  it’s been a summer and more since I wrote.

I’m back in Sweden (from Korea). My bearded man and I were supposed to be in Berlin now, we got scholarships and all to TU Berlin, but getting grades converted when studying abroad can be extremely complicated. It’s a topic worth it’s own post and something I’ll be writing about when the time comes around to apply for exchange semesters!

I could tell you about the relief… that my dog recognised me,  that my mum/dad didn’t kill me for cutting off all my hair, that I could finally eat something else than tuna seaweed rice (kimbap).

I could tell you about the travels that ensued after KAIST, to Jeju, Japan and back home to Spain. But honestly, I wouldn’t really know where to start. That’s part of the reason I haven’t written in so long,  I didn’t know what to tell you – there was too much.  The other reason was that everything was too much for a while; I might have lost touch to reality after the finals in Korea. I was so caught up in snagging those grades that everything was put aside. Sure the grades worked out,  but at what cost I ask myself. I’m still working things out with myself,  asking myself what I should have done differently,  socialising myself with new people,  actually answering my phone when people call (which might sound minimal, but it’s huge for me) and generally just taking care of the external sources around me… The things I can control, like food,  people and sleep.

It’s an interesting topic – health or [insert cliché here — wealth, high grades, status etc]. Health should always come first, obviously (right? Right!).  But for peeps like me it’s always a second priority. I just have to sort this out,  that out,  then I’ll get some sleep/eat/see the doc.  I’m the Queen of putting off myself, I walked around for the best part of this year with a giant mass with the circumference of 8 cm on my ovary. Yep,  8 cm. Nothing to worry about, it’s getting smaller and doesn’t seem to be dangerous. It was completely unnecessary for the thing to get that big and for my day to day life to suffer the way it did. I knew it was bad,  and still I prioritised reading course literature instead of seeing the doc! And you must agree that it sounds ridiculous, but I bet that half of you out there has done the exact same thing at one point or another.  Or maybe you’re doing so right now.

So this is my first post after the hibernation, and I beg of you this — take care of yourselves, no matter the consequences.

Much love, soon to be back,


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