Best Individual Effort

Nominating: Linnea Rothin has with her social enterprise Edvira lifted the importance of gender equity in computer science education in over 15 countries and for the Ministry of Education in Sweden. Her organization has also as an international partner to Hour of Code in Sweden introduced programming to over 100 000 youth and thousands of teachers. In 2018, she was an invited speaker at the first ever International Summit in Dallas, USA.

Nominating: Elina Kabir has been working for women rights in a man-dominated industry for years. She is fighting for, supporting and standing for others all the time. She has helped many colleagues to stand for their rights which resulted in changing their working situations for the better.

Nominating: Matilda Andersson passion is computer science and programming and the success of @pinkprogramming wouldn’t have been possible without her efforts, passion, and energy. 

Best Informer

Nominating: Elin Häggberg ambition is to spread how fun and useful tech can be and show all opportunities in our digital world. Read her blog or listen to her podcast and get informed now! @teknifik

Nominating: Maria Norberg and Maria Paavola have in a year created the network “Teknikkvinnor” that boasts over 25,000 members. It is simply GREAT. @teknikkvinnor

Nominating: With her energy, knowledge, and optimism, Amelie von Zweigbergk leads Teknikföretagen towards the goal to increase the female representation and power within the industry. She is the powerful engine used towards a more equal engineering base in Sweden. She is also one of the brains behind the collaboration with influencer Therese Lindgren, the initiative Bredda Bilden and Industrin tar Matchen. Good work!

Best Inspiration

Nominering: “Inga Ingenjör” is a children’s book character who inspires children (in particular young girls) to take interest in technology, engineering, and computer science. Andrea and Malin have so far written two books about Inga and her friend Leo that are sold nationally and that have also been distributed for free to many school libraries in southern Sweden. They have also developed a science workshop concept that they tour with regularly to engage kids with science. @ingaingejör

Nominering: Charlotta Tönsgård is the co-founder and CEO of Engaging Care, the Malmö based medtech startup that recently raised their first round of investments. Charlotta shows the rest of us, women, that anything is possible, and you can succeed without competing against others but rather always listening, helping, standing up for good values and staying true and honest to yourself. As a woman in tech I do not have many role models but she is definitively a woman to look up to and learn from!

Nomination: Passionista is an innovative campaign that inspires young women in northern Sweden to develop new innovations and technologies based on their passions, e.g. in fashion, dance, horseriding or blogging. The campaign thus challenges traditional approaches to gender equality in innovation and technology, where women are often encouraged to abandon their areas of passion and instead innovate in mainstream tech-areas. The campaign was developed by Sigmar Metodbyrå in Luleå, Sweden, by Signe Lindgren och Hanna Weinmar.

Best Organization

Nomination: DataTjej is an organization that has grown heaps the last year due to a hard effort from the people behind it and the realization among women and non-binary to be part of something bigger that helps unite them within the field of data and IT. Thanks to the events and networks made through the organization, people have found jobs, internships, and friendships, inspiring each other to continue working for a common goal – equality. @datatjej

Nomination: Pepp! is a great organization with the ambition to get women at high school level interested in a tech future. In only a couple of years, this not-for-profit organization has grown within Sweden. Follow them at @blipepp

Nomination: Female Leader Engineer is an organization that via a nomination process makes sure that there are enough female role models for young engineers. In addition, the organization is a great contributor when it comes to serving the industry with high potential candidates, every year. Follow them @femaleleaderengineer

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