Guess what? I was just in a meeting with the coordinators from FURB university of Brazil where I will be an exchange student next semester. They informed me that an internship will be possible during the time I am there. I just have to fire up (add womengineer ;) ) my CV to make sure I get a spot.


I was also informed that we will stay at a hotel for the whole semester. Including housekeeping, a pool and breakfast every morning. Am i going to heaven? 


The courses I will take will be more entrepreneur- and business oriented rather than having an engineer focus. Hopefull this brings me more versatility and a wider perspective, I see it as an opportunity.

IMG_2835Right now I’m on my lucky-intoxication… I need to calm down and set my expectations straight to not get disappointed.

Have a great evening! I will go on my first run tonight with nordic trail in the woods, so nervous….


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