Well, I am not a huge fan of International Women’s Day. Somehow I think it is strange and ironic to dedicate one day out of 365 to women. What about the rest of the days? I know I am being a bit cynical, but I can’t help but thinking this way. Anyway, I haven’t been thinking much about it until I saw a TED talk that one of my friends had put on Facebook today. Basically, Sheryl is discussing why there are way more men in senior positions in especially big corporations than women. I must say that she has some really good points:

 “Women systematically underestimate their own abilities”

“Men tribute success to themselves, while women tribute success to other external factors” 

“Success and likability are positively correlated for men, and negatively correlated for women”

I believe that these quotes reflect a big part of the overall problem. The first two is our own fault, while the third one is correlated to the fact that some men are frightened by powerful women. What to do about the latter I don’t know. Regarding the first two I think we just have to step it up.


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