No, not really. I would have loved to stay a bit longer. But everything comes to an end and I am very excited about going to London. Although I will make a short stop in Oslo first. I saw it will be about -10 degrees by now, and I don’t have a winter jacket with me. Reminds me of last time I came home from Singapore. By then it was -30 and I landed in flip flops. Luckily for me my mum is awesome and has sent my jacket to Oslo, hopefully it will be there on time.

Yesterday I joined Shermaine and a bunch of people to go cable skiing in Batam in Indonesia. Even though I have been wake boarding a couple of times, I found this thing extremely hard. First of all it moved much faster than a boat usually does, at least it felt like it. Second of all, every turn was like being pulled by a sports car and I didn’t have a chance to keep up. However, I managed to get up a few times and when I was too pissed to continue I spent the rest of the day in a sun bed.

I need to board!



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