Some like watching kittens, I love watching robots! Here are my favourite channels that I currently follow.

  • Boston dynamics: The Google owned company makes incredible, human and animal like robots mostly for the defence industry. Watching their movies makes me feel like machines taking over the planet might not be that far away after all… They don’t publish very often but the movies that are already accessible are amazing!

  • MIT: A mutual channel for all science projects from this american university but many of them are about robots in some form. What about a robot that moves like a cheetah or a ingestible robot that unfolds when it enters your body!?
  • Simone Giertz: Or Queen of Shitty Robots as she prefers to be called. Here robots are shitty indeed but they are hillarious to watch!
  • ABB Robotics: The swedish robot manufacturing company often publishes videos about their products and applications for them. Maybe not as much wow-factor as MIT or Boston Dynamics but for someone like me who loves industrial robots and production systems it is better than Americas Funniest Home Videos!

And finally, since most of the readers are Swedish speaking I have to share this amazing video too. The robots are programmed by a group at my university and they are both surprisingly intelligent and adorable!


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