This morning I was woken up by the sound of rain. Even though I had hoped for sunshine in order to get some color on my extraordinary pale legs I was happy to see the rain. It felt cleansing. I put my shoes on and walked out on the street where the rain kept pouring down and it felt great.

As I walked down towards the centre of Hammersmith I tried to remember what I did the summer between graduating from high school and starting university. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, and the memories I tried to grasp was out of reach.

When I got home I opened my laptop and started browsing my history on Facebook. With the help of status updates and pictures that lovely summer came back instantly. It was a summer of late nights with friends, soaking up the sun and making the most of the swedish summer.

If you’re going to university this fall, don’t worry about what will happen and that things will change, they always do. Maybe you are going to a new city or your friends are, but don’t let that get you down. Enjoy spending time with the friends you have now and look forward to get a bunch of new ones when you start university. The summer has just started and I’d encourage you to make the most out of it.

Me and some of my high school friends last summer. Even if we don't see each other as much now as we did then, we still have as a great time as then

Me and some of my elementary/high school friends last summer. Even if we don’t see each other as much now as we did then, we still have the same great time as then

... And as fun

… And as fun :)



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