I was up early this morning to finish some preparations for a lab session tomorrow. The course is called “Embedded systems” which involves a bit of hardware programming, something I usually don’t fiddle with too much. I’ve been a bit reluctant to dive into this course (even though I chose it myself) since it involves a lot of low level details you have to remember but I have to say it was kind of cozy to sit with the board this morning:


“Do you want coffee with that?”


“It’s like a little disco going on”

Even though it’s kind of interesting to take this course as a change, it isn’t perhaps the most exciting form of hardware programming. With the uprise of cheap single board computers (Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc) you can do a lot of cool hobby projects. This guy have assembled a bunch of awesome things you can get inspired by.

If that sounds too complex or just too much of a hassle (to be honest, I’ve a Raspberry Pi just lying around, haven’t starting something yet), there is another board that I’d recommend for anyone, regardless of having programmed before or not. It’s called the MaKeyMaKey and it allows you to du a bunch of silly and awesome things straight away:

Happy hacking!


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