Sorry for the silence, last weekend my mom came and visited and this week I’ve been busy with Microsoft’s hackweek (staying late having fun, hacking and drinking beer!). What is a hackweek? Well, basically it is a week where you put your regular work aside and hack a project together. It can be related to what you usually do, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to hack together an automatic beer alarm or a goal tracker for the foosball table, you certainly can.

I’ve seen a lot of cool projects today and my team actually managed to win one of the categories in our local competition. All in all it has been a fun week with a rewarding project. I think it’s great that companies (Spotify also arranges hackweeks for example) arrange these sort of events for their employees and besides from boosting creativity you also have the chance to work with people you don’t normally work with. I’ve been working with my regular team in London, but also with people in India, China and the US.

Over 2000 projects across the world was submitted which is in itself an amazing number.  Then you multiply that numer with the average team size and you realize just how many people that has been involved. Love it.

"The winning cube!"

“The winning cube!”


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Tove · August 3, 2014 at 6:53 am

Det verkar så roligt! Jag önskar det fanns liknande saker för vatteningenjörer. (Kanske det finns förresten, jag har inte letat).

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