Just like the other bloggers have mentioned, November has been an energy consuming month and it feels like I’ve just been slowly walking through boring gray days. Fortunately that is not entirely true! I scrolled through my photos on my phone and remembered some golden moments in a gloomy November:

I had the pleasure to attend the awesome Diversify event and prototype a collaborative playlist app! Below is me and my fantastic team:


“Axel, Me, Emma and Shahin”

I went to listen to Yelle at Debaser:


“It was kinda tricky to sing along, I don’t know a word of french…”

I butterflied and cooked a whole chicken for the first time, delicious!

"Looked yummier after having been in the oven though"

“Looked yummier after having been in the oven though”

I also got a cool suggestion for my thesis which I’m hoping to get approved by KTH in the next couple of days. If I get a green light on that one I can take a well deserved Christmas break soon (yay gingerbread and mulled wine!).



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