As I’m writing this, I’m in London, three days in on my software engineering internship at Skype. Four years ago I barely knew what an algorithm was. How did I get here?

London calling

London calling

In high school I was studying the technical programme with orientation “design and construction” so when I graduated in 2010 everyone (including myself) thought I’d apply for a civil or architectural engineering programme.  But that didn’t happen. What made me end up in the computer science programme at KTH?

I actually don’t remember. What I do remember is traveling by train from Stockholm to Gothenburg, to listen on programme descriptions at Chalmers. I was stoked about listening to the info regarding construction and architecture, but the presentations left me really disappointed. It sounded incoherent and not at all what I had expected. The next presentation came from the computer science programme and I ended up staying to listen what they had to say (after all I had taken the course “Programmering A” in high school).

I guess they triggered something in me that I can’t quite remember. They sounded passionate and loving of the programme and that must have appealed to me in a magic way. In a change of heart I abandoned my plans for construction and dived into reading about computer science programmes. I got my hands on the description from KTH and it ended up being the only programme I applied for.

Looking back I’m so happy I made this decision. What I think is beautiful with computer science is that it allows me to construct almost anything. I’m a virtual architect, as well as a constructor. What I can imagine I can in many cases build by myself as well. That’s pretty amazing. My conclusion somewhere along the lines is that you should do what YOU feel is the best for you. What other people think you might be suited for is their opinion. They are not you, but you are. Allow yourself to make the decision that makes the most sense for you.

Even if you didn’t know it was an option.



Ellen · June 13, 2014 at 1:04 pm

Så vacker bild! Där ligger jag i lä. Vad har du för kamera? :)

Sofie · June 14, 2014 at 2:42 pm

Kan vara så att jag snott den från google… :-)

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