Starting to get excited about starting school? Just three weeks to go! If you don’t feel like buying lunch each day, you might have to start thinking about how to plan your cooking. If you haven’t cooked a lot before it might be time to start practising.

Myself, I love cooking. I also think it’s a myth that you have to live on pasta and ketchup if you’re a student. To me, the secret recipe (haha) is to plan, plan, plan. I think you can get both high quality and varied food if you just take some time to plan ahead. I thought I’d list some advice when it comes to buy and cook food:

1. Try to locate your nearest BIG grocery store. Small stores tend to have higher prices, and if every item is a crown or two higher than usual that quickly sums up to a substantial amount. Big stores also have more offers (usually) and of course, a bigger selection. While living at Forum, I took the subway three stations to shop at the large Hemköp store in Åhlens instead of walking down to Coop or Ica at Odengatan.

2. Read the flyers that most grocery stores publish each week (they’re available online). There is almost always at least one (but often more) really good offer. I think this is the biggest money-saver.

3. Try to shop after season. Prices on vegetables varies during the seasons, so if you try to follow those trends you will possibly save some money.

4. Cook food from scratch and avoid semi-manufacters. For example, if you want to make pizza, make the dough yourself and don’t buy the pizza kits, homemade is both cheaper and more delicious. Slow cooking food (stews etc.) is usually cheap to make even if it takes a couple of hours.



“Carnitas, made from pork collar, is usually around 90-100kr/kg, but offers can put the price on 40kr/kg”

Moule mariniere

“Moule mariniere, I bought these mussels for 30kr/kg, then you just need some wine and cream!”


“A whole side of fresh salmon I bough for 100kr/kg, super easy to cut and put in the freezer. I got 7 pieces out of a kg, that’s 14kr per piece!”


“Short ribs, bought for 30kr/kg, super delicious to boil and finish off in the oven”


“Burgers made from minced moose meat that they had an offer on, yum!”


Johanna · August 11, 2014 at 6:49 pm

Mitt måndagsnöje består i att kolla igenom ICA:s veckoblad! Matpriskollens app är också användbar – samlar extraerbjudanden från alla matbutiker.

Budgettips och tjejsnack · September 8, 2014 at 5:12 am

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