[one_half]November just took off and, for me, it feels like the winter blues came along with it. Until the snow and Christmas lights appear November will feel like forever. Do you feel the depression as well during the dark months or are you lucky enough to keep on living your normal life?
Today was the upstart for the new curse and I happily thought (after the exhausting exam period last week) that this would be a new fresh start! Motivation and energy would hit me! The first lecture (that felt like hours) were at 3 pm. Sound good, right? I got a lazy day with a new haircut and some sleep, but still, I have been so tired and I had to force myself to walk my ass those 100 meters to the lecture. As I walked, the sun went down.. great.

I started to notice this winter depression around age 20 (25 now) and every year I hope that this is just bad timing or some physical thing I am imagining myself having.  I will not feel tired the whole winter! With all the energy and positivity that’s me I will get through winter easily! But I realize each year that this is probably something that will happen every year and that’s even sadder. Well, this has come to something I need to accept. Hello tiredness and uncalled-for winter!


Can we help each other? Do you have this problem as well? Do you have some hint on energy boosts that works for you? What’s that? Food? Exercise? More vitamins? One reader gave me the tip to eat D vitamins. Now I am trying to see if that feels better. I will let you know! Please share in the comment field below so we can get through this winter together :)

Hugs to all of you!

Please winter, give me energy![/one_half]

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