I am home at my parents in the north part of Sweden and we have been lucky to have the northern lights above us several nights this week. It appears every winter, sometimes more and sometimes less. I have not seen it too much in my life yet and I am looking forward for that time when it will appear in all kinds of colors and taking place just above me, so it feels like I can reach it with my hand.

My parents live in a little village right below the arctic circle. Far from a city, so the city and street lights are much less, which makes the stars and the northern lights show off in a better contrast. My dad likes to keep an eye on the sky during the night and as soon as the smallest green lights appears he takes his camera and walk out on our farm. I went out with him yesterday in hope to see that amazing formation i have been dreaming to see.

It didn’t really break out like we had hoped it would, but we still got to see the skys magical lights. It looks so surreal, especially if you haven’t seen it before. And it still looks like magic, even for those who have seen it during a lifetime. Its so fascinating you cant put it in words. With the stars behind it is one of the most beautiful sights I have seen.

/Love from Norrbotten






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