Tomorrow the flights will take us over the world. From Luleå – Stockholm – Copenhagen to San Francisco. I have been waiting for this day to come since the summer, when by boyfriend and I got an invitation from his friends wedding in Sacramento. It is not just an ordinary wedding, it is a Nepalese wedding! How cool! I herd that henna tattoos and a red dot on the forehead is something that will be applied on all guests the night before the wedding. Everyone must look fancy for the wedding day! And then the dancing seems to be a big deal! Wow! I have been training on some Bollywood dancing, just hope its kind of the same in Nepal! Haha. So I don’t need to tell you that I am super excited! I love cultural exchanges! It´s SO fascinating!

I think the wedding events fill up several of days, if not weeks, but the two of us will be driving on the roads in California, Arizona and Nevada. We will only be there for a week before the wedding so three states are a little time optimistic. We will mostly drive but with a different and cool landscape I think it´s worth the drive!


The reason we will drive so far is my boyfriends big and a little odd dream. You can imagine us visiting S.F and L.A when we are in Cali but no, that is not really our plans (expect universal studios in LA and Alcatraz Island in SF). We will drive down to the south of Arizona to visit the air craft boneyard outside Phoenix.

What the hell is that? That was what I were thinking when I heard about it. Apparently it´s hundreds and hundreds of broken military air planes. So strolling down Fisherman’s Wharf in S.F? No. Strolling in the dessert looking at the same plane over and over again? Yes. Haha. Fortunately I have already been in S.F and L.A so actually I don´t mind. I had the joy of seeing my boyfriend over excited the last weeks instead.

Me in S.F in 2011 when I finished my au pair year.

At these times I am really glad I am a student that can take of time whenever I feel like. I tried to study as much as needed before this trip and I just finished an assignment that will be handed in the day I´m back. So I´m glad I´m not leaving with loads of school work so I can enjoy my vacation without stress! Thankfully the christmas break is coming up when I´m back home and I will have a month free for studying before my exam. That is real luxury for a student!

Alright, time for packing the sunglasses and bikini! I see you in two weeks with lots of pictures![/three_fourth]




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Kajsa Bårman · December 4, 2015 at 4:09 am

Wow! Wish you a great trip :D looking forward to stories and pictures in two weeks!

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