Womengineer Day is the event where we match those looking for jobs with those offering jobs.

The registration for Womengineer Day 2021 is closed!

Please contact us and we will get in touch with you for the next Womengineer Day.

Why is Womengineer Day important?

Engineering degrees are the only degrees at college where women are still in a large minority. Womengineer Day makes sure that every female engineer counts, by helping students near graduation or newly graduates get the best start to their career, with companies that share their values. By doing this they get a better chances to reach their potential and to enter work life in a good way.

Our goal is that all participants should:

  • Get an increased knowledge about participating company’s core values and mission.
  • Meet role models who can show everyday working life as an engineer.
  • Gain more knowledge about specific positions and boost their self-confidence regarding whether or not a position is right for you. 
  • Get encouragement for future career choices.

More Questions?

We understand that you might have many questions about WEday. Please reach out to us here and we will try to answer them in the best possible way.