Chalmers tekniska högskola med fokus på astronomi

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Behind the scenes with astronomers

Do you look at the stars with wonder? Are you excited by space? What do you think an astronomer does all day? How distant is that from the romantic idea of a person staring at the night sky with a telescope on an isolated hill? 

If you’re interested in knowing what an astronomer actually does and getting a behind the scenes look at our daily lives, we will take you through an interactive experience of a day in the life of an astronomer. We would like to share our personal experiences with you and show you that astronomy research is both fun and within your grasp. We will discuss how to identify an interesting scientific question and guide you through the process of modern astrophysical observations using the Faulkes Telescope in order to design an observation to answer the question. We will then analyze the data from the Faulkes Telescope with you using software we routinely use in our work and attempt to answer the question proposed. 

Tid: 10:00-12:00
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