International women’s day 2020 is around the corner! A day to highlight all actions that take us closer to create an equal world, an enabled world.

Women’s day, a very important topic indeed. Hence, the sustainable development goal #5, achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, is stated by the UN to be a key driver for achieving all the Sustainable Development Goals.

Empowering all women and girls… What makes women and girls feel empowered? Being a woman, I asked myself that question.

I reasoned around empowerment, around the alignment of purpose, ability to take action, and see the results. At Womengineer, I get to celebrate women’s achievement, lift role models, introduce girls to tech, raise awareness against bias and contribute to more diverse perspectives and enhanced solution-power. I tried to summarize my belief in what Womengineer is contributing to and ended up in the following ‘code’:

Thus, by adding more women to the engineering profession, I believe that we will have more solution-power to solve humanity’s grand challenges. That’s my perspective, that’s my contribution to forging a gender-equal world, and doing that with my team is what makes me feel empowered. But please women, let me in! I want to know what makes you feel empowered!

Let the up and coming week be a time to boost the celebration of women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality, and also share what empowers us to make it more tangible for the rest of the world. Let’s start with you, what makes you feel empowered?

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