Captura de Tela 2015-03-31 às 10.37.23As I got here I was waiting for the cultural honeymoon that one is supposed to have when moving somewhere. Open mindedly embracing the new culture and adapting (trying) to the present living situation, every day ended up in frustration. I felt like a priority-subscriber in the ‘’bad luck lottery’’ and as the days went by I kept scoring my daily wins. Just to give you a heads up of what I am refering to….

  • My 1,5 year old MacBook Air broke down for no reason at all. (how to study?)
  • Our apartment was invaded by ants (imagine how they bite when you sleep).
  • Our police papers had been missprinted and expired before we were able to get our very important “granted’ stamps (like being in the USA without a VISA).  For us to be able to stay in the country legally we had to go to the city near by (1,5h bus ride) and just wait in line and hope that they would have time for us. We waited 3,5h and were told that today is not our day so we might as well go home. As icing on the cake the bus home was 4h delayed and we had to sit on the floor with a freaking watermelon hitting us throughot the ride home.

Captura de Tela 2015-03-31 às 10.37.08
This beginnig of my exchange semester is not the end of the world and problems always have a sloution. I have now transfered to phase two and entered a state of acceptance. Coming from a consumer-driven society where high standards and well functioning operations are a part of the every day life. I never before reflected upon how well our country is working, how effective+efficient it is. Being in an undeveloped country those home-comfortabilities will be so much more appriciated as I get back. Thus, after understanding the ‘’the brazilian way’, I am fascinated by their appreciation for simplicity and a the small highlights in life. I will, and you should, keep it as a reminder and defence when the greedy-scandinavian influences approaches. Appreciate what you have and make the best out of it. In Sweden, we always want more. Find a balance.

PS congrats to pulling off IGE-day and making it in to a success! wow, I am so impressed! check them out –>here or read about the IGE-day —>here

Much Love and I will do my best to blog.
xoxo Ellen


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