Projects are something I´ve always known are my thing, just never involved myself in one. Why is that? I blame school for not encouraging entrepreneurship and presenting it for the students. It was just never confirmed that anything is possible for anyone if we just aim for it and fight for it. I also blame myself for not daring to try…

As I started the university I began my “new” life. Going all in for education and to create future possibilities. So why not jump on a project while I´m at it?

Before the start up we wanted to impress the local newspaper with a color sensation. 

Winner of best costume.

The result was “Hälsoveckan” (Health week) inviting all students and teachers to get at taste of what the local sports clubs have to offer. Seven days of boxing, yoga, crossfit, judo, salsa, basket ball, lectures etc. Not to mention our very own color run. I was so proud that we were ahead of both Stockholm and Gothenburg to host one of these (Högskolan i Borås liksom!).

2012-07-15-COLORRUN1Loaded with exams, my own lectures , the student union and making this project happen……. Anxiety snuck up on me when the thought hit me WHAT IF NO ONE SHOWS UP? Well, luckily people showed up and most of them were thrilled. I learnt so much during this project and confirmed for myself that I rock when having a lot to do!! We pulled it off , our little project group and the response was great.

We ended the week with a colorful celebration, a Color run to strengthen the statement: it is fun to run! (Here is the article that was published about it, I wanted the front page but you have to start somewhere :) )

A health week should be a yearly event at every school. A great way to get in contact with the local clubs and to create great offers for the students to join gyms and other activities. My best feedback that really added warmth to my heart was a mother of a toddler who never had time to find out where to work out or what to do as a workout. She tried something every day and found her thing, she is now a hardcore cross-fitter!


I improvised a warm up for everyone. Cant say I didn’t enjoy the microphone (?whats it called?)


Ha det gött!

Skärmavbild 2014-05-08 kl. 19.27.44



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