I am not writing a lot about my engineering education at the moment.  Sofie, JohannaSofieJessikaTove och Jenny are all of them doing it so well! Since my mind is on a different planet, so far from my regular everyday duties its hard for me to bring up something interesting (school wise). My plan is for you to get to know me first. Ofc I will write about my education and school but why I really want to be a part of womengineer is because I want to motivate the female gender to believe in themselves. 

I want to send the message that as long as you stay positive, think forward and keep practicing your goals will be in reach. I believe that the low percentage of female engineers might be grounded in us girls doubting on our own capabilities. Doubts like “omg that math must be so hard”, “how am I going to manage that?” Do you recognize this way of thinking?

We are to scared to fail. The “good girl” inside of us doesn’t want to disappoint oneself, or even worse, disappoint our surroundings.

 to high  As a kid and youngster I saw highly educated people and CEO´s as super heroes. They were immortal aliens from another planet.

career-stepLearning about life and about people I saw the stairs (it was in the 8th grade of school, I have to tell you about that story in my next blog-entry) and learnt that If I take one step at a time I can also become a superhero one day.

Skärmavbild 2014-07-16 kl. 16.49.14Im am super ordinary, I wasn’t the brightest student, I wasn’t the fastest runner but I am a bad ass fighter. That is all you need, to not give up. Your mindset is your future.

Ha det gött, glöm inte bort att DU är så fantastisk bara du tillåter dig själv och att DU ska vara nöjd med dina prestationer. Klappa dig själv på axeln emellanåt!

Vi måste vara stolta över oss själva, inte ursäkta oss! Kör hårt tjejer!!!



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Tove · July 17, 2014 at 3:05 am

Den där klappen på axeln är så lätt att glömma bort. Bra påminnelse :)

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