I often think about how to raise my children (that I will hopefully have in the future at some point). I also often think about what I wish I would have known when I was younger. I therefore started writing down things I’ve realized have worked for me. Not tangible things like mathematic formulas but how to be a good person and move forward.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

  • Never be jealous of other peoples achievements, get inspired and motivated

  • Stay humble but don’t be afraid to speak about accomplishments you’re proud of (no one got famous obeying Jantelagen)

  • Dare to ask for what you want, but always leave it an open ended question. It comes across as less pushy and gives the receiver a chance to respond in an honest way rather than in a forced way

  • Respect people with more talent/experience than you but don’t be afraid to ask and learn from them (they have been new or young once too)

  • Learn the art of walking in shoes of many different sizes. Putting yourself in the shoes of others makes you undertand their actions and thinking better. I would go as far as say it makes you understand the world better

  • Don’t step on peoples toes, no matter what shoe size you’re currently wearing

  • Speak up and tell people how you feel. But chose the battles where you can see a positive outcome. The other ones will just drain you on energy

  • Buy a mannequin! Let her listen to when you rehearse all your presentations and speeches. It will make you a better presenter even though they’re not much for giving feedback :)

  • Create an uncomfort zone. It means you’re ok with tackling things outside your comfort zone and not limited by a stupid zone anymore. The uncomfortable is in a zone and you work towards making that zone smaller

  • Always listen to Simply the Best by Tina Turner (or any other song with similar message) as the last thing you do before walking in for something important: an exam, a job interview, a pitch or a meeting. It’s cheesy but it will make you walk in with a smile because you’ll be laughing at yourself

  • Seek balance in life. Work & Free Time. Family & Friends. Candy & Exercise. Wine & Water. This one is the hardest and most important. I have no good tips on how to get there yet. I try to do everything all the time.

This is work in progress and based on experiences I have I keep changing my mind. The mannequin will probably go as soon as next week. What would you include? I don’t think I’ve ever be finished with this list, not even when I actually have kids. But it would be pretty funny if my kids found this (Hey kiddo, don’t read all my other posts!). Stuff you put on the internet is forever there. Internet is like the night club bouncers. They never forget. Even when you do. Scary. But fascinating.   

Yours Sincerely

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