Today is the international women’s day. It is not there as a celebration, but to remind us of the inequalities and problems that still exist today. On this day, I will also remind you of Womengineer’s goal of having as many female as male engineers graduating by 2030 – because it is so important.

The lack of females in my field is something I am reminded of everyday, and it is hard to believe that Computer Science used to have a 50/50 gender distribution. What happened? In an excellent blog post, “They called them computers.”, Robert C. Martin describes how he saw the women getting driven out of the field as men realized that programming was something powerful, and not just tedious calculations.

We can just speculate in how much further we could have come if women had not been exiled from professions like this. It is truly a shame that the world have missed out on so many brilliant women. Thankfully we have a lot of young brilliant females to come, and I encourage you to do whatever you can to contribute to a world where it is just as likely for females as males to become engineers.

Engineering does not belong to a gender. It belongs to anyone with the passion for it.

“Grace Hopper, the brilliant woman who wrote the first compiler.”



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