Kjzal KaldiKjzal Kaldi Student/Industriell ledning och innovation/UU/Uppsala Kjzal studied social science in high school and at the time, she had no plans to pursue engineering. However, thanks to previous work experience she knew she wanted a job with varying tasks. Mechanical engineering with a specialization in Industrial engineering and production at Jönköping University provided her with the combination of both engineering and economics, international possibilities and preparation for future leadership roles as an engineer. Now she is doing an international Master in Industrial Leadership and Innovation at Uppsala University. Kjzal is the project manager and in charge of overseeing all of Womengineer’s activities.
LisaLisa Rygård Student/Industrial Engineering and Management/LTH/Lund At Womengineer Lisa is responsible for networking.
Maria DavidssonMaria Davidsson Student/Industrial management/LiU/Linköping Maria is interested in both technology and business, which was the reason for choosing to study industrial management. She is studying mandarin in parallell because she strives for an international career. During her first year of studying engineering her interest in computer science and foremost programming was discovered. On her free time Maria loves to go horseback riding to create harmony in her everyday life. At Womengineer Maria is responsible for web development.
GullisGullis Phung Student/Industrial management/LiU/Linköping At Womengineer Gullis is responsible for web development.
FridaFrida Rybo Student/Design and product development/KTH/Stockholm Frida is in charge of Womengineer’s brand image as Art Director.
Lina SaadLina Saad Student/KTH/Stockholm At Womengineer Lina is in charge of business relations.
Ylvali BuschYlvali Busch Student/Industrial management/KTH/Stockholm At Womengineer Ylvali is responsible for PR and communications.
Frida CaballeroFrida Caballero Student/Reliable aircraft- and space systems/MDH/Västerås Frida is responsible for the blogs and content of Womengineer.
Hannin MushehidHannin Mushehid Student/Samhällsbyggnad/KTH/Stockholm Hannin applied for her studies in Civil Engineering and Urban Development because she wanted to do math, work with sustainability, and thought construction sounded exciting. Today she is very pleased with her choice. During her studies, she has been involved in other projects such as being the student representative for the faculty renewal group at KTH. She has also spent time working as a tutor and math teacher for high school students. At Womengineer, Hannin is responsible for interviews with female engineers.
Sony JonssonSony Jonsson Student/Molecular Biotechnology/UU/Uppsala Technology has always been Sony’s strong suite and something she has wanted to work with in the future. When she eventually began her studies in Molecular Biotechnology at Uppsala University she felt right at home, content not only with her education but also with Uppsala as an exciting student city. Outside the classroom Sony enjoys photography and videography and at Womengineer she manages the organization’s social media.
RonjaRonja Lillienau Student/Biotechnology/LTH/Lund Ronja is in charge of Womengineer’s finances.