All of us working with Womengineer share the same goal. By 2030, we want 50% of all graduated engineers in Sweden to be women. This goal is based on our belief that gender equality within the engineering profession will benefit Swedish growth and welfare.

Womengineer is a non-profit organization which consist of a board, projectgroup, and a number of female engineering students whom blog about their everyday life as a student.

If you have any general questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at info@womengineer.org

If you have specific questions and concerns in a particular area, you are welcome to contact any of us girls it concerns. Read more about us below and contact details can be found under each group’s presentation.

Project group


  • Kjzal Kaldi
    Kjzal Kaldi

    Project management



  • Lina Saad
    Lina Saad

    Business relations



  • Frida Caballero
    Frida Caballero

    Content development – blogs



  • Lisa Rygård
    Lisa Rygård




  • Frida Rybo
    Frida Rybo

    Art Director



  • Maria Davidsson
    Maria Davidsson

    Web development



  • Gullis Phung
    Gullis Phung

    Web development



  • Hannin Mushehid
    Hannin Mushehid

    Content development – interviews



  • Sony Jonsson
    Sony Jonsson

    Social media



  • Ronja
    Ronja Lillienau




  • Ylvali Busch
    Ylvali Busch

    PR and communication



Read more about the project group members here!



Read more about the bloggers here!



  • Mikaela
    Mikaela Sjölund

    Project management


  • Frågetecken
    Maja Skärby

    Business relations


  • Frågetecken
    Tanya Syed

    Business relations


  • Frågetecken
    Mikaela Karlérus

    Web development


  • Frågetecken
    Sonja Jonsson



  • Frågetecken
    Karin Marnesson

    Target group management


  • Frågetecken
    Maja Citess

    Target group management




  • Marie Ideström
    Marie Ideström

    Founder and board member



  • Emelie Emanuelsson
    Emelie Emanuelsson

    Founder and board member



  • Dajana Vlajic
    Dajana Vlajic

    Board member



  • Jenny Stenström
    Jenny Stenström

    Board member



  • Ellen Broström
    Ellen Broström

    Board member



Read more about the board members here!