All of us working with Womengineer share the same goal. By 2030, we want 50% of all graduated engineers in Sweden to be women. This goal is based on our belief that gender equality within the engineering profession will benefit Swedish growth and welfare.

Womengineer is a non-profit organization. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Team Womengineer & IGEday

  • Emelie Emanuelsson
    Emelie Emanuelsson

    Product Owner (CEO)

  • Team Grow: Business Relations

  • Marie Ideström
    Marie Ideström

    Board Member & Scrum Master: Team Grow

  • Aroshine Munasinghe
    Aroshine Munasinghe

    Business Relationship Developer

  • Dajana Vlajic
    Dajana Vlajic

    Board Member & Business Relationship Developer

  • Team Show: Content Development

  • Isabella Broman
    Isabella Broman

    Scrum Master: Team Show

  • Frida Rybo
    Frida Ryby

    Art Director

  • Ellen Broström
    Ellen Broström

    Board Memeber & Content Developer

  • Sofia Sundholm
    Sofia Sundholm


  • Hannin Musehid
    Hannin Musehid

    Content Developer

  • Team: Web Development

  • Maria Davidsson
    Maria Davidsson

    Scrum Master: Team

  • Lisa Rygård
    Lisa Rygård

    Web Developer

  • Team: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

  • Beatrice Partain
    Beatrice Partain

    Leader of IGEday 2019