Aroshine Munasinghe and Dajana Vlajic at Almedalen, 2019

All of us working with Womengineer want to close the gender gap in engineering. We believe that gender equality within the engineering profession will benefit both growth and welfare in all countries.

This is our offer:

  • We can help you market your company via our website and social media accounts
  • We can help your company with unique employer branding and recruitment activities toward female engineers
  • We can give theoretical presentations at your company about Generation Z and female engineers in particular
  • We can, through interviews, questionnaires, and workshops investigate your diversity work and then present our result to your management
  • Your company can sponsor Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
  • Marie Ideström, Isabella Broman, Hanin Musehid, Emelie Emanuelsson and Aroshine Munasinghe at the Royal Insitiute of Technology

    Would you like to donate?

    Our Swish number is: 123 00 80 499

    Our Bank Giro details are: SEB, Bank Giro, 320-1001

    Please write your email address when you donate so that we can get in touch with you and thank you.

    Never hesitate to contact us at info@womengineer.orgif you have any questions!