Hi Laia, what’s up?
Hello! Everything’s going pretty well!

Why did you decide to study engineering?
When you’re 18 years old, and you have to decide what to study, a thousand doubts invade your mind. I finally decided to study Aeronautical Engineering because I really like facing new challenges day after day, seeing myself in new situations that I’ve had never been before, and so reconsidering everything you used to take for granted and expand yourself and your knowledge to new horizons. That is exactly what engineering is! After having finished this Aeronautical studies, I have realized the poetic aspect of it as well: As an aeronautical engineer, your limit is the sky!

You are part of the UNITECH International Exchange program, what is that?
The UNITECH International Exchange Program is designed for selected Master of Science students from Europe who would like to further develop their business and management skills by studying and working in a foreign country. We receive personal coaching and further develop our soft skills on top of our academic achievements.

What has up until now been your favourite course at university?
My favourite courses have always been these in which the theoretical part and practical one are mixed. So that you can see what you’ve learnt applied to something. That is really the amazing thing with engineering!

We have understood that you have studied aeronautical engineering both in Barcelona and in Whales. Tell us about that!
I started my Aeronautical Engineering studies in Barcelona (UPC) and then decided to complete my education in a more practical way, so I applied for a Higher National Certificate in Aeronautical Technology in Wales.

And now, you are just about to finish a Master in Management Engineering. What is that?
Management Engineering is the application of engineering principles to business practice. It brings together the technological problem-solving of engineering and the organizational and planning abilities of management in order to oversee complex enterprises from conception to completion. This MSc conciliates my both interests of engineering and business.

What would you like to work with after you graduate?
My goal is to solve the society problems form an enterprise point of view, with the help of my technological knowledge and background. I wouldn’t like to narrow down or focus so much into a single field, I’d rather be multipurpose oriented and work in any field that allows me to accomplish my goal.

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
I really want to have a good base of knowledge, and apply it to the real world as soon as possible!

And finally, why do you think there are so few female engineers and how can that be changed?
I seriously don’t understand it. No clue. It was a century ago when engines belonged to the boys and girls studied psychology, but not anymore! I think it will change sooner than we think, or at least I hope so. From my experience I really encourage every girl in the world who is curious and likes questioning things around her, to study engineering!

Thank you, Barbarà!

[The interview was created December 11th, 2013]

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